Gavin “gavz101” Cochrane’s Successful Beginning of the Year

Gavin “gavz101” Cochrane’s Successful Beginning of the Year

As you know, the new year brings new opportunities. Gavin Cochrane managed to use it to the full, leading the high stakes leaderboard of PokerStars cash tables. The Englisher is not very active in live tournaments (only 6 cashes per career), but he has long been considered a formidable force on virtual tables, especially pot-limit Omaha. A solid profit of $239,862 allowed Gavin decently to tear himself away from his closest pursuer, Luke “Bit2Easy” Reeves.

Cochrane literally broke into the high stakes scene in 2011, issuing an incredible two-month series that brought him nearly two million dollars. It was followed by epic battles with Viktor “Isildur1” Blom in pot-limit Omaha at the highest limits. Opponents competed on $50/$100 PLO tables, and their number was up to six, and the game was marked by incredible swings – six-figure sums passed from hand to hand. Gavin could not resist a two-million mark and rolled back to the $500 mark by the end of 2012. The recent rise allowed Cochrane to increase his total profits on high stakes tables to $658,035.

Recall one of the hands with the participation of Cochrane and Blom. In the 5-bet pot there was only one pot-sized bet in his stack that he did on pre-flop. That is, he went all-in on the flop of {J- of Hearts} {8 of Diamonds} {6 of Spades} with the hand {A of Hearts} {A of Spades} {A of Diamonds} {7 of Diamonds}. Blom called with {9 of Clubs} {7 of Spades} {6 of Clubs} {5 of Diamonds}, caught {4 of Hearts} on the turn and took $49,200 or 492 big blinds. Considering the successful start of the year for Cochrane and Blom’s activity, it is possible that we will see continued competition.


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