‘24hourATM’ Wins $1,000,000 in Spin & Go

‘24hourATM’ Wins $1,000,000 in Spin & Go

In the last days of January, an ordinary player from Russia under the nickname ‘24-hourATM’ rolled his usual $100 Spin & Go and suddenly became a dollar millionaire after which cheerfully buzzed a bottle of whiskey.
The Russian player decided to remain anonymous. However, he has told that he is 31 years old and has been playing poker approximately for 10 years both in online and offline mode. Recently he prefers fast formats like Spin & Go.

Regarding the momentous tournament, the game ended at the second blind level and ‘24-hourATM’ did not have to make difficult decisions.

Pre-flop decided everything. The player noted that if the tournament lasted a long time, he certainly would have gone mad. Luckily, the tournament quickly ended.
The first thing that “24hourATM” did after winning – drank 150 grams of whiskey and finished the whole bottle by the end of the evening. He has not yet made up his mind how to spend the prize money, but the part will definitely go to the bankroll to raise the limits.

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