What is Rake and What Poker Sites Offer Rakeback
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What is Rake and What Poker Sites Offer Rakeback

Game organizers always charge a small commission from each pot played in games for money. The part of such an organizer for live games is played by a casino, while online games are provided by an online room. They offer a comfortable place to play and a wide array of services (technical support, security, etc.), and in return take a share from each pot.

This share is called rake and is usually 3-5% of the pot. The size of the rake commonly depends on the limit played, the room and the poker type.

Each poker room encourages regular players. The more you play, the more benefits you get from the room. Money for these bonuses comes straight from the rake you played. Thus, the poker room returns a part of the rake you have played. This refund is called rakeback. What poker sites offer rakeback? Nowadays, there are many of them.

How is Rake Calculated

It is necessary to know the amount of rake a particular player has brought to the poker room to calculate rakeback for him. To find out this number, one of the three counting systems is used.

  • Dealt – each player at the table is credited with an equal amount of rake.
  • Contributedrake is awarded in equal parts to players who invested in the pot.
  • Weighted Contributed – rake is awarded to players who invested money in the pot. The amount of rake depends on the investment amount of each player.

What Poker Sites Offer Rakeback and Where to Get It

Nevertheless, such bonus as rakeback is rather attractive to all kinds of players, not all rooms are ready to pay it. What poker sites offer rakeback? Obviously, those who are ready to be generous and compete for their customers. Moreover, even in a room with rakeback not every player will be able to receive it. In most cases, poker rooms do not return rake to all and sundry.

This bonus format used to be extremely popular in online poker during its development. Recently, poker rooms have started to abandon it in favor of loyalty programs. To date, several poker rooms still offer rakeback on different terms. Most rooms offer bonuses without fixed amounts, but depending on the player’s VIP level which depends on their activity in the room. That is, the most active players get a larger return of the funds spent. Also, the loyalty programs common feature is that bonus points are usually exchanged for prizes and money through the poker room store, while the rakeback is paid on that day directly to the gaming account.

Of course, it is rather important to know which poker sites offer rakeback to play games with more benefits. Here are some examples of such online resources:

  • PokerStars
  • BetOnline
  • PartyPoker
  • IronPoker
  • WinnerPoker
  • Ultima Poker
  • Tiger Gaming

Rakeback significantly raises the income of professional players. For some of them, poker would be completely unprofitable without rakeback.

Also, rakeback supporters say that it is an obligatory reward that poker rooms should pay for the fact that professional players create a lot of games and generate a huge amount of rake which is the main revenue item of the room.

At the same time, the rooms are reviewing their policies regarding rakeback. They believe that in the current realities professional players bring more harm than good to the ecology of poker. Nevertheless, rakeback is highly demanded by players, so do not lose the chance to try it out on poker sites offering rakeback.

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